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I recently stumbled on an old article. It was a nice read about the scientific pursuit, a treasure trove of neverending question that need answers. Read Why the Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge Will Never End.

It also reminded me of a quote I had read some time back, which I think is relevant here.

Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.

– Carl G. Jung

Great, beautiful Death

Death lives eternal, as life lives on;
Stark and dark as life shines bright,
Eternal to nourish when life dwindles to oblivion,
Only the hidden side to the coin, unseen.

Fear not. Fight till the end.
Remove regrets that entangle the soul,
A life fulfilled in motion, let thy will not bend.
Memories maketh man, not the bowl.

Quotes 35

A beautiful quote about the transience and purpose of things in nature.

One learns that the world, though made, is yet being made. That this is still the morning of creation. That mountains, long conceived, are now being born, brought to light by the glaciers, channels traced for coming rivers, basins hollowed for lakes.

– John Muir, Travels in Alaska

Cayo Pristine

Undulating waves relentlessly pristine
Turquoise blue surrounds, a warm embrace surging;
Reef thriving beneath, blue skies above shine
A vacation this anniversary year eloquently fitting.

Fun with snorkels and catamaran previews,
Pools and the sun, scorching flesh and skins;
If the darkened tan can recite stories,
This would be a tale worth living again.

Ten years pass, in a new place crossed,
Turbulent the move, calm the water always;
Soft and supple, a lofty dream bless’d
She is my World, Ecstasy, for all my days.

Three years hence, a new dawn bright
Rudra the dancer, let love begin.
Tall stands the roarer, radiating energy with sight
Continents conquered and countries within.

Excellent read - Einstein’s muse

When Einstein Tilted at Windmills

The young physicist’s quest to prove the theories of Ernst Mach.

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Learning and teaching

As a perennial student of everything around me, it is important to remember Feynman’s thoughts, and take it to heart every day. More so when you have a little neutron willing to grasp, and absorb all that comes her way. So for posterity, and to remind myself, here is what I think teaching and learning should be about.

  1. Question what you read in a book, and that you learn from others. Articulate to yourself in a language that you understand, and correlate them with your experiences that make you uniquely you.

    Fear not to question what is read,
    Or that taught by others merit;
    Entwine knowledge with experience,
    to render thee from within.
  2. Doubt can be a marvelous learning tool, if applied right. Do not fear it, embrace it, and remove it through a better understanding of the world around you.

    Doubt thy learned truths, without doubting thyself;
    Fear not, live with it, a tool,
    Refine thoughts and visions of a fool.
  3. Think for yourself, analyze the problems, and explore the universe as it is, for it offers answers to every question conceivable. We either are only short sighted (often), or not experienced enough to visualize it just yet.

    Truth remains vivid for those who can see
    Thought drives action, focus and let it free.
  4. Make mistakes, be not afraid. Mistakes teach far more valuable lessons if you are willing to recover, and continue the search again. No action in this universe happens without making its lessons available for those who ask.

    Be obedient, to the master that teaches absolute truth
    No teacher greater, past fallacies accounted
    Recover, learn to move without satisfaction.
  5. When you understand how something ticks, teach it to someone who does not. Humanity and knowledge learned is transient, and is propagated/refined faster in the collective. And often, teaching someone else improves the self understanding undoubtedly.

    Absolute truth is pure delusion;
    Iteration inevitable my fierce child,
    Instill thy thought, truth version,
    Purify self experience, propagate philosophy.

Quotes 34

Searching for oneself is an ongoing journey of a lifetime. Life is what happens in between.

– Unknown. Some movie or a series watched in a half asleep state.

Cool ;-)

This is a nice application of a known physical process to create something sustainable and delicious. Well worth the patent!

Behold, the delicious power of pressurized CO2.

Source: Carbonated Ice Cream Is a Feat of Physics—and It Actually Tastes Good

Beautiful moments: wildlife photography

Beautiful Moments An image of two mice slugging it out over scraps of food on the London Underground has won a prestigious wildlife photography award from the UK capital’s Natural History Museum.

All of these photos are excellent! Such photographs are timeless because they capture the essence of a situation at the perfect moment, and preserve it.

Source: Photo of mice squabbling on subway platform wins prestigious photography award

If you think seeing is believing

Pretty cool!

The researchers had to use molecular level technology to show the reaction, which involved atoms between 0.1 and 03 nanometres.

Source: Researchers capture footage of atoms bonding and separating for the first time