Good, Bad and the weird.

Its the weirdest thing. I was watching a Korean movie and something popped out as very deep. The exact lines were

“If you chase something to get something, something else will come chasing you.”.

Paraphrasing that, “what you are passionate about is passionate about you too”. It is quite true in a sense (unexplainable unless you’ve been there) and scary. I guess I never realized it in that way but it makes perfect sense. Physically and philosophically…

Now I remember why I watch all these foreign movies …

Avatar – A visual treat

Saw Avatar today and was blown away by the cinematography and special effects. The story itself was almost predictable yet very distinct from the usual junk I’ve seen recently. Although it does remind one of ‘Dancing with the wolves’, the Avatar takes it to a whole new extent, a realm beyond mere physical restrictions, to capture the harmony of every life on a planet, a symbiosis, a reminder of what this Universe might be. String theorists and philosophers alike are trying to find the link that connects us all, human and plants, living and extinct, visible and the intangible. And here, another stark reminder that we are probably probing in the wrong dimensions.

Anyway, this is definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year… Wait, when did the ‘Dark Knight’ premiere ? I guarantee that it is bound to get couple of academy awards and will revolutionize many a movie to come.

I have to watch it again, may be in IMAX 3D now to catch the subtleties I missed the last time.