Yup. Life goes on. My semester holidays are all consumed up now. Not much more time left before the hectic schedule repeats itself for another 4 months to come. My spring semester starts tomorrow and things are not going to be the same, i’m sure !Things to do for this semester.

  1. Many important courses for both my research and my Ph.D qualifier. So crack them.
  2. Prepare for my Ph.D qualifier due in September. Don’t have much time left to idle away anymore.
  3. See if i can work out something so that i can go back to India this summer.
  4. Work my ass out on the research and do something constructive before the sem ends.

Well, these things are easier said than done. I know. But 4 months from now, let me come back to this post and see what i’ve been able to do.

Here starts the new sem …