Ever believed in the paranormal ? Ever thought if the paranormal was so normal to be real ? I have. I like the X-Files but never did truly see how viruses and alien landings and a psychotic mind can do so much in ways unknown that you can hardly even understand.

But here seems to be proof of something similar.

Welcome to “The Enigma Project” !

The history of the project, an excerpt :

On one very cold March evening in 1978, members of the Odyssey Research group gathered for an informal meeting at the north Baltimore home of John Lutz, Odyssey’s director. They were there to discuss topics of unexplained phenomena. The 15 people present had segregated into smaller groups, each spewing excited chatter in which the quickly belabored subjects changed like slides in a rushed presentation.

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Also dont forget to check out the various events that these guys have tried to decrypt and understand. hmm now where did you say Area 51 was ?!