Reality and fantasy, differs by just a thin line
But it is all in the mind that believes both to be real
Above doubts, race of thoughts do decline
Until there are none, and drifts back into the surreal.

Where goeth the path of the motivated ?
Where does the truth lead the broken mind ?
All good and evil concealed in this single head
Illusions and reality do not seem any different.

Am i to find the perfect action among all the others ?
Aren’t all actions equally righteous ?
When the enlightment occurs during meditation,
The flash purifies and gives light to the self within.

How many things i have wished, and wanted
If the will is strong enough, it does not wane
Nor give up the desire to do the unlimited
If and only if the mind is still sane.
All Tsunamis do seem miniscule compared to this will !