Just stuff i’ve been reading through in between my code runs. Makes some interesting read. Here are some of them.

  • A neat site with lots of links and lots of junk news and trivia. Nice site to spend some time.
  • Live, Jobs Tells Stanford Grads – I’ve seen a similar talk of his before but this one makes me think that he’s going nuts. Well but thats just me !
  • Jackie and the Brain – A neat story about the evolution of an AI being !
  • Who Will Google Buy Next? – If you are one of those people who love Google and are interested in what they are going to do next, then check this story. Nevertheless, it gives you lots of links to many other interesting services, free and paid which could be very helpful.
  • ScienceMatters@Berkeley, June issue – Not much but if you are scientifically motivated, then watch the issues regularly. The boys at the Big school do post some nice research material here.
  • The Simnuke project – Sheer craziness if you ask me but oh well, who isn’t ???
  • Why We Need Friendly AI – Nice site with all the Asimov laws. Frankly, i’ve got to confess that i was blown away by the book(I Robot) and there are some other interesting perspectives in this site which are weirdly cool !
  • Toll Free 800 Directory provides information about 1-800 numbers, reverse lookup and tracing 1 800 numbers – Well if you are stuck in the US, like I am, this could be a handy reference at times you never expect !
  • Cool Fractals @ freaky-fractals.com – Its all about Fractals. I’ve always loved the idea behind them. Nice site.