Finally, after a long wait, i decided to get a new phone. I still do not know why i waited so long.

The Audiovox SMT5600 Tri-band GSM Smartphone arrived by mail yesterday and is active and rocking ! The features in this phone are great and it kinda eliminates a need for a new mp3 player for now. Its got a built-in 32 mb memory (not much, i know) which can store videos, songs, pictures and docs ! There is also a SD card slot to upgrade the memory, if i want to ! And you know what’s great even more ?? Its freakin free with the service ! Cingular 450 daytime min with rollback and a free phone. Neat huh ?!

It works great but hasn’t changed my life much. Before i start cribbing more, here is how it looks.

So if you are someone I know, and if you dont have my number, drop me a mail.