A very scary article that i just read. Not so much of atmost importance but something of relevance to what i am doing right now. In simple words, the moral of this story is ‘Backup all your data : For better or worse’. Now here are some excerpts.

When Linda Cerniglia went back to school, it took her almost seven years to get through all the prerequisites, the labs, the research. And it took a thief just moments to grab her purse, with the only copy of her master’s thesis stored on a tiny jump drive inside.

If i were her, i’ve got no idea what mental state i would have reached. Either i would have become zen or gone crazy. Both are quite a possibility. hmm.

There’s just one more sentence in the article that caught my eye, that even hit me like a bullet, in the face. The sheer truth, as experienced by a fellow thesis writer :

“It was so painful,” she said. “I would rather go outside and dig a hole all day long than write.”

Hopefully, i would not end up in a situation like this. As of now, i have 6 different copies of different versions all over the place – from my home comp to work comp, my usb to a backup in my site. Unless, all the electronics fail together, i wouldn’t have to rewrite my thesis from scratch again. This is a lesson i wont forget.