A long absence. A huge work-load. Reminiscent feelings rushing back. God i feel home-sick.

Usually, i do not go around hooting my horn when it is my birthday but yesterday, what the hell, i did. And guess what, many of the friends i know threw me one big ass huge party. I had one of the best times after coming here to US. But what made the day special and out of the ordinary was my visit to the big house for failing the breathalyzer test. Except for the part where i had to pay a fine, the experience was pretty funny, now that i think about it. I’ve been drunk a lot worse many other times but yesterday did not quite qualify for such a treatment. Anyway, the cells did look quite like what is shown in the movies and my comrades, in an effort to cheer me up, sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. I couldn’t stop laughing for a while after that ! Finally, after about 6 hours they let me get back to my peaceful existence.

Now that is one of the best birthday celebrations i’ve had in a long time. It had all the elements that makes a day special ; Friends, Beer and Adventure !