I realized today that i haven’t posted any more than 10 posts in the last 8 months and that kinda sucks. I frankly wanted to do more but life hasn’t been very helpful in that respect either. Anyway, i just recently found out that my sister reads my blog very regularly and she is upset that i don’t post more often.

So for her sake and whoever else reads this blog often, i swear, i’m going to post atleast once every week. But, if you are a reader, leave me a comment and let me know that i’m writing this not just for myself.

My last post, i mentioned about going to India. Of course, i went to India, stayed for a month, stayed out of jail, had some great times and am back to the same old hectic schedule i started off with. I’ve been pretty busy writing papers, completing assignments on courses and whole bunch of writing code apart from sneaking some time off to drink beers and read novels and there lies my reason for not posting regularly. And not to mention, the remaining time i have, i sleep my ass off.

But all that WILL change soon, if you as a reader leave me a comment. This ain’t no plea but just something i want to find out to see if this is worth the time. If not, i’ll just start maintaining my site and stop blogging here. So there you go. It’s your call. Less than 10 comments, then i’ll have to scrap the blog i’ve maintained close to 2 1/2 years 🙁

Update: Apparently, my template was a bit messed up and no one could actually post any comment. I just recently ditched my old template and got a new one.