Since you are curious, I do owe you the courtesy of explaining myself. This might seem puzzling but decipher and you can understand me.

I roam, I play, part of many,  
Indivisible I may be.  
In Nature plenty,  
A riddled surd, only savants can see.

I studied chemistry,  
And my own vagary;  
Elusive still, a theory,  
A weak force rules, to and beyond infinity.

I play with virtual reality,  
with my cousins involved in electron country,  
simulate with buried math, humbly,  
only to approximate with elegant programming, fruitlessly.

Amidst continents, I fly,  
Within them, a never ending continuity,  
Driven rigorously by a purist philosophy,  
A fission eventual, inevitably.

In the end, space, time, angle, energy,  
my seven dimensional complexity,  
inconsequential, and dinky,  
for I span the quantum chaotic eternity.

This site is a dedication to my expression of the world, seen through a perspective uniquely related to my involvements with science and philosophy. The writings are often my inadequate translation of insights felt and beauty that drives me. I am, unfortunately, in flux, constantly, just like the stochastic nature of life and aspire to find meaning in the witnessed chaos…