At 20 Petaflops, a new beast.

Read about the new beast on the block for simulating nuclear explosions and to take predictive science to whole new levels. Here comes Sequoia, to be installed at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Read more here: I See Your Petaflop and Raise You 19 More.

Most Powerful Supercomputers: Brains and Beauty

A very impressive collection of photos about supercomputers, from Konrad Zuse’s apparatus to few of the rather not-so-famous flop burners of the recent years… Interesting. I was wondering why they had left out RoadRunner of recent fame but then a quick search on google yields the updated full list for anyone interested.

“Is there a God,” and said machine answers, “There is now.”

via Dark Roasted Blend: Most Powerful Supercomputers: Brains and Beauty.

PS: On a side note, I stumbled upon a list of the fastest supercomputers in India.