Fun untasted.

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if i were …

A month, i’d be: SeptemberA day of the week i’d be: FridayA time of day, i’d be: 00.00A planet, i’d be: MarsAn animal, i’d be: a SlothA direction, i’d be: NEWSA piece of furniture, i’d be: a BedA historical figure, i’d be: SocratesA liquid, i’d be: WhiskyA tree, i’d be: WillowA bird, i’d be: EagleA tool, i’d be: ScrewA kind of weather, i’d be: RainA musical instrument, i’d be: GuitarAn wild animal, i’d be: TigerA color, i’d be: Deep PurpleA vegetable, i’d be: a tomatoA sound, i’d be: a ScreamAn element, i’d be: FireA car, i’d be: Ferrari FX ( Ferrari Enzo )A song, i’d be: Serenity – GodsmackA movie, i’d be: The MatrixA book, i’d be: foghornA food, i’d be: an Ice-CreamA place, i’d be: OutsideA material, i’d be: CottonA taste, i’d be: NewA scent, i’d be: PleasantA word, i’d be: AspireAn object, i’d be: a ComputerA body part, i’d be: LipsA facial expression, i’d be: SmilingA subject in school, i’d be: MathA cartoon character, i’d be: DilbertA shape, i’d be a: SphereA number, i’d be: 7

I Saw A Sleek Seduction

I’m sorry I was late,I saw a sleek seductionas I was drinking up.

My research starts.

Just as usual, the assignments started pouring in,Classes started early in the day and life went on.But what is this new task i need to take care now ?!Research ! Wow ! Wahoo ..

Savitri – Opening lines

Book One: The Book of BeginningsCanto One: The Symbol Dawn

Searching for answer

Searching for something i lost, not knowing what,The endless path leads away into maze unresolvedRising from the abyss, learning the waysFollowing the heart like His words untold.

Sublime will.

Once Mahesh told me that after reaching a certain level of consciousness, he started understanding verses as complex as the ones in Savitri without having to read back a previous line. That comes with the maturity of the mind.

I had tried reading Savitri once before but found it too difficult to focus. But now, everything is very intuitive and seems to make beautiful sense. I am dancing at the poetry and it fills up my heart like the divine ocean.

Spring semester 2005.

Yup. Life goes on. My semester holidays are all consumed up now. Not much more time left before the hectic schedule repeats itself for another 4 months to come. My spring semester starts tomorrow and things are not going to be the same, i’m sure !Things to do for this semester.

  1. Many important courses for both my research and my Ph.D qualifier. So crack them.
  2. Prepare for my Ph.D qualifier due in September. Don’t have much time left to idle away anymore.
  3. See if i can work out something so that i can go back to India this summer.
  4. Work my ass out on the research and do something constructive before the sem ends.

Well, these things are easier said than done. I know. But 4 months from now, let me come back to this post and see what i’ve been able to do.

Here starts the new sem …

Interesting Linkz 3

This site has got some information which i have thought over for quite some time, but didnt have time enough to write it in detail or even post it on my site !Well i present to you a site which discusses the meaning of the movie “The Matrix” and its successors ! Some of the things really are stale but some view points really freaked me out .. I am not yet completely done but till what i’ve read, definitely much much better than most explanations i’ve seen in other places on the web ! Go for it !

All these buzz words make me sick.

All these buzz words make me sick.

Excerpt :

Words well spoken. Anyone who has undergone an exponential Knowledge curve in a short time to keep pace with what is happening around you, while working on things that are volatile, would feel the tingling sensation right down to the spine …